TRUEventus: Presenting Examples of their Work

AT one time this was the website for posting pdfsfor the business conventions​ / events that were created and organized by TRUEventus. The TRU stands for Timely, Relevant, Unique Events. As one of the fastest growing business information organization in Asia, TRUEventus with affiliated partners across the globe, has transformed itself into a global provider of events that meet the business world needs for knowledge, experience and skill. Via our events, we help our clients perfect their skills, expand their horizons and build lifelong business and personal networks. It you have been a client or have attended a TRUEventus event you know they are professional and thorough whether they were presenting a 2015 event in Pullman Jakarta, Indonesia titled the FMCG ManuTech Game Changer: Accelerating manufacturing pace via innovation and technology, the 3rd Annual IPO held in Singapore, a Modular Construction event in Bangkok, Thailand, or the 2nd Annual Corporate Sukuk conference at the Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpar, etc. Each presentation promoting the event was unique and graphically memorable.

For a while I had been hoping TRUEventus would host a photoshop event for folks like me who do the graphic work for online websites. There are a lot of us out there who are not the coders, but the graphic designers. I am always amazed how a coder can take my design concepts and create an outstanding website. Of course I also supply much of the artwork as well. One of the companies I work for is an affiliate for a number of online casinos. I create all the graphics used on the website including weekly promos for each of the online casinos that they promote. Every now and then I will play real money slots from one of the site's casinos. When I lived in New York I was unable to play on any of their casinos, but having moved to Montana, there is no problem. I also play a lot of the free games with their stash of "free" money. I really let go and have a great time betting rather recklessly. Of course if you win big you can't collect the money, but it's still a fun way to learn about a particular slot game. Ah, but I digress.

Recently when I discovered that the domain for was available, I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pdf event pages. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. The events may be over, but I think the visual impact of the presentations, as well as the content are good references that should be available for others to see.


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.
Unfortunately the actual PDfs are not available to download.


2nd Annual Corporate Sukuk

​13-14 May 2015
The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpar

“Prime Minister Najib Razak’s $444 billion development program contributed 21.2 billion ringgit to the sukuk total this year. The momentum is expected to over­ow into 2015 as more corporates from neighboring countries may also tap the ringgit sukuk market. ” Bloomberg Show 2014


Raising funds from the highly regulated Islamic capital market can be a daunting notion for both new and existing Sukuk issuers. Malaysia has become the driving force of sukuk innovation and regulation in Asia. Malaysia has been the biggest pioneer of the modern Islamic ÿnance industry and dominates global sukuk issuance. Malaysian borrowers account for some $490bn of the $673bn (73%) of total issued sukuk to date, according to the Islamic Finance Information Service — although $475bn of that has been to local investors. Following from the success of our first Corporate Sukuk conference, we are proud to announce our 2nd Annual Corporate Sukuk conference. This is the only conference that brings together issuers, borrowers, investors and bankers to discuss the developments of local and international sukuk markets. By attending you will network with key decision makers from existing and potential clients. Walk away from Corporate Sukuk better positioned to participate in the next big transaction.


  • Financing large infrastructure projects using sukuk as a funding mechanisms
  • Getting hungry: Looking at corporate appetite for issuanceffand how this can increase to stimulate growth
  • Recognising corporate financing strategy to minimise the cost of borrowing
  • Studying the current economic situationffand how the conventional bond market will a˛ect sukuk
  • Featuring latest concepts and structural development in the sukuk market
  • Spearheading the success of sukuk in Malaysia
  • Assessing the overview of sukuk and the need for Innovation




3 - 4 June, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand


Asia’s construction industry is skyrocketing with great emphasize in the area of residential and commercial building. The country’s infrastructure and commercial sectors are expected to grow strongly by 2025 with a 4.7% growth per annum. Equipped with low labor, material cost, long life spanning, easy assembly, recycling purpose, ˛exible layout and environment protection concept, there is no doubt that modular construction and prefabrication technique could be a practical alternative in challenging traditional brick and mortar projects. We have seen positive trends and successful case studies of modular and pre-fabricated materials widely used in public housing, commercial building and offshore facilities in Asia. Thailand has been primarily involved in designing, manufacturing and delivering modular buildings and components.


  • Staying up-to-date on the latest prefabrication techniques and processes
  • Sourcing practical solutions in conquering global market
  • Managing quality and design in meeting expectations in different countries
  • Recognising modularisation methodologies best suited for your projects
  • Exploring cost mitigation strategies
  • Ensuring high efficient project delivery

Trueventus 4th Annual Modular Construction for Residential and Commercial Buildings Conference 2015 returns with a bang after runing successful modular events in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi. Come grab your seats and hear keynote speakers addressing areas such as manufacturing modular prefabricated off site products in the most cost effective way, optimising modular construction techniques in delivering a sophisticated and complex facility types, designing new & innovative custom-made prefab products. There is no doubt that with proper execution and design, modular and prefab buildings will have excellent track in creating successful residential and commercial buildings

This conference is designed, but not limited to: • General Managers • VPs and Directors of Procurement • Project Directors and Managers • Construction Directors and Managers • Construction Technology Directors and Managers • Materials and Direct Procurement Managers • Planning and Design • Logistics and Planning • Architects • Contractors • Sub-Contractors • Housing and Planning




Making a quick leap: Deciphering public listing strategies

9 - 10 September 2015
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

“Asia-Paci­c leads global IPO volume with 546 deals in 2014”<
Singapore Business Review

Why you cannot miss this event

Deciding to go public might be the most momentous decision your company ever makes. IPO’s have been ‑ourishing in Asia Pacic giving a whole new opportunity to the market. Since Asian companies are looking intensively into this form of raising capital, the number of IPO’s in coming years is expected to grow again and 2015 is year not to be missed.

3rd Annual Initial Public Offering

conference by Trueventus will bring together not only practitioners and investors but also representatives from stock exchanges across Asia to discuss the importance of preparing to be a public-listed company. IPO market in Asia-Pacific is looking positive by deal numbers and capital raised, suggesting investor confidence is rising. Improved macroeconomic conditions across major parts of the region are likely to support demand and boost investor sentiment further. With IPO’s in the region delivering average returns of around 49%, much higher than equity market indices.

This conference is not to be missed for company owners, investors, stock exchanges representatives and financial advisors. The outcome from this conference will positively reflect in your company performance.

Join us at this exciting arena!

This unique conference brings delegates the bene­fits of:

  • Creating a more balanced regulatory environment for small and mid-cap companies
  • Easing constraints restricting investors accessing IPO markets
  • Improving tax incentives for investments towards IPO’s
  • Analysing pre-IPO markets for potential business opportunities
  • Surveying the surge in capital raising & IPO activity across Asia
  • Debating on the current e­ectiveness of IPO market processes
  • Getting ahead of the game in structuring a cross border IPO


This conference is designed for, but not limited to:

  • • Chief Executive Ocers
  • • Managing Directors
  • • Chief Investment Ocers
  • • Chief Financial Ocers
  • • Chief Operating Ocers
  • • Heads of Listing
  • • Heads of Investor Relations
  • • Legal Counsels
  • • Investment Managers
  • • Investors
  • • Stock Brokers



FMCG ManuTech

Game changer: Accelerating manufacturing pace via innovation and technology

9 &10 September 2015
Pullman Jakarta, Indonesia

“FMCG leaders credit advances in technology for fuelling industry growth, according to recent market intelligence.”
KPMG 2013


Innovation and technology is recognised as the key to business growth and as such is vital for business strategies. In order for Asia’s FMCG industry to survive and thrive, it needs enabling technologies that make it more efficient, competitive and productive. The Indonesian FMCG industry should prepare itself for a strong competition in the coming ASEAN Economic Community 2015 as well as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Indonesia’s FMCG sector brings both challenges and opportunities. A market of 600 million people has obvious allure for consumer goods makers.

In highly regulated industries such as the food, personal care products, household care, there is a paramount shift in product movement with many manufacturers placing a greater focus on quality, repeatability and safety in automation, in addition to productivity and cost reduction. Trueventus is proud to announce our first ever FMCG ManuTech 2015 conference. Learn some of the most significant trenvments in FMCG vis-à-vis the current economic backdrop and market development.


  • Implementing an efficient and effective FMCG product movement
  • Analysing and improving manufacturing processes in order to maximise operational excellence
  • Developing good work practices and controls to minimise risks to consumers
  • Increasing opportunities for FMCG export for localised products
  • Fostering creative strategies for business growth and greater profitability
  • Leveraging on best practices across R&D, innovation and marketing
  • Creating an effective distribution network
  • Changing contours and seeking sustainable solutions for FMCG products


The FMCG ManuTech conference attracts the leaders in FMCG innovation, R&D, marketing and branding from the world’s leading consumer companies.

You will meet VP’s, Directors and Heads of:

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Research & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing
  • Commercialisation
  • Packaging
  • New Product Development
  • Consumer Insights
  • Brand Management
  • Nutrition • Research



3rd Annual Hospital Management Senate

Accelerating Hospital Revenue & Management Through Operational Excellence

26 - 27 August 2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“According to the World Economic Forum, by 2030, the world will have to spend $40 trillion in healthcare, including $30 trillion on non-communicable diseases”
World Health Organization (WHO)


The dynamic healthcare landscape across Asia-Paci­c is expected to continue steady growth! As the healthcare industry centre of gravity shifts towards customers, savvy new market players are moving fast to capitalise on the change. The task of delivering world class, a‑ordable and outstanding healthcare service remains a challenge with rising medical cost, ­erce market competition and rapid transformation in technology.

Trueventus 3rd Annual Hospital Management Senate builds on our 2013 & 2014 Hospital Management event, where we successfully congregated hot issues confronting hospitals. At this years’ event we will address and ­nd solutions to challenges that keeps CEO’s awake at night - Enhancing Revenue Management, Patient Safety & Quality Care, Hospital Operations Eciency as well as using innovate technology in improving Hospital Management. Become part of the Biggest Hospital Management Event in Asia, a platform for hospital leaders, clinicians, health facilities professionals, and technology specialists to network and develop e‑ective practical strategies in overcoming challenges in the Asian Healthcare World!


  • Moving towards lean methodology improving quality while reducing costs
  • Investing on the right cutting edge technology to improve hospital eciency 
  • Choosing the right partner to maximize pro­tability and productivity
  • Unlocking a hospital’s true potential through clinical operations excellence
  • Improving patient safety and quality care through mitigating medication error


This conference is design for but not limited to:

Director Generals, C-Level: CEO, CIO, COO, CTO, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Nursing Officers, General Managers, Managing Directors, Chief Pharmacist, Operation Directors, Head of Departments, Managers, Senior Executives and key decision makers from public and private healthcare providers who are responsible for:

  • Business Development
  • Hospital Administration
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Clinical Governance
  • Government Authorities
  • Managed Care
  • Operations
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacies
  • Facilities Management
  • IT/Information Systems
  • Patient Financial Services
  • International Healthcare Policies
  • Medical Care